Royal Wedding Route and Official Souvenir Wedding Programme

As you are all aware the wedding of HRH Prince William of Wales and Miss Catherine Middleton will be taking place next Friday, April 29, 2011 at Westminster Abbey.

Royal wedding
Royal wedding

Image from Royals-News’ photostream on Flickr

While many of us would love to be in London for the festivities, not all of us can be. Regardless, we will be watching from home starting at 10am London time (or 5am EST) via our televisions, streaming from The Royal Channel on YouTube or at Royal wedding parties taking place around the city.

a few years ago the world was in hebohkan with the English royal wedding prince. at that time a lot of search words royal wedding detected by Google, which in turn a lot of blogs popping up a new blog that discusses the royal wedding just to get website traffic seasonal or trend. But the website that has long been a popular reference for more news in the news presenting the wedding between Prince William and Catherine Middleton is called the royal wedding.

There are so many women who wish to get a pair like Prince William, who is the British royal family and the heir to the throne of the king of England’s major new hereinafter prince harry sister. With the luxury of the British royal family weddings that have taken place, has been a dream for many women the world who want to have their pernikan big and fancy as it is also like a wedding between Prince William and Catherine Middleton.

Implementation ROyal wedding is a burden for the potential replacement of men in the world who want to get married them because their female partners want to have a festive wedding reception after they melihan royal wedding receptions. For those of you lucky enough to cross the pond for the Royal occasion our London correspondent, Graeme Wood, gathered some most necessary information you’ll need while there.

Royal Wedding Route from The Royal Parks
The best place to help you decipher the route the Royal wedding party will be taking is The Royal Parks website. Not only do they provide a listing of all the major sights in London the procession will be passing by, but they also give the history of each place. Their interactive map also highlights places to purchase official merchandise, restaurants, and toilets. One can even download a PDF of the route.

Visit The Royal Parks here.

The Official Souvenir Wedding Programme
Official Programmes have been a tradition when it comes to Royal weddings. This time around it’s no different for the nuptials of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.

For £2 you can buy a programme which will be sold along the wedding route in a number of locations by 60 Explorer Scouts and 80 Cadets. All proceeds from the sale of the programmes will go to The Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry.

One can also download the programme for free 24 hours before the wedding at the Official Royal Wedding website at officialroyalwedding2011 dot org

Visit the Official Royal Wedding 2011 here